Increase in Obesity Rates in Baltimore

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy Peo-
ple 2010 framework has set a goal of diminishing national overweight
and obesity prevalence to 5% for all children and adolescents 7-18 years
old, and 15% for adults 19 years and older.

You can learn more about the obesity problem in Baltimore here

Obesity in Baltimore is a problem that’s becoming more and more prevalent and more difficult to tackle because of the bad habits a great number of americans have: eating processed foods (particularly fast food) and not doing enough sports. Lots of people that are overweight think that by drinking diet sodas or trying the latest fad diet for 1 or 2 weeks, they will attain a healthy weight but that’s not the case. It has been shown that diet sodas have the opposite effect of what they claim: studies have shown that diet sodas may increase the risk of being overweight because they affect people’s hormonal balance and they particularly disrupt the hormones that govern fat burning in humans.

Now, the diet aspect of obesity is just one element that must be adressed. The other one, extremely important as well is physical activity. Only tackling the diet problem will not have good results with obesity. Practicing sports in general is a good start por overwight people but there is one training program in particular that is the most efficient that making people lose weight. Studies have shown that variable intensity training (high intensity bursts of effort followed by short intervals of low activity ones) increase the metabolic rate in people. This means that variable intensity training programs can increase the rate at which people burn calories at rest (hours after their training session) which is the secret behind losing great amounts of fat as naturally as possible.
Variable intensity training coupled with a healthy diet should be the most important program that the government should be setting in motion in order to decrease overweight rates in children, particularly in Baltimore where obesity is soaring.